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Smoke Curtains

Smoke S1

Smoke S2
Smoke resistance 120 minutes 120 minutes
FabricSingle fiber glass curtainStrip fiber glass curtain
CertificationEN 12101-1EN 12101-1
Suitable for escape routescheck

General information

Specifications of the Firescreen® Smoke
Passive smoke barriers are often an eye-catching solution

Firescreen® Smoke are roll-up closures made from high-quality technical textiles. In the event of a signal from the central fire panel or local smoke detectors, the curtains automatically drop down and ensure direct smoke compartmentation. As a result, smoke and toxic gases will no longer be able to spread through the building and be safely extracted from the building by a smoke and heat extraction system.

Firescreen® Smoke are often used in shopping centres, galleries and buildings with an atrium or vide. The Firescreen® Smoke are available as a single curtain or as a strip curtain, for the added benefit of creating an escape route. The curtains can be used in a wide variety of applications with dimensions varying up to 6 meters high and 50 meters wide possible. No matter how large the curtain is, the fabric is temperature resistant up to 600 ̊C for up to 120 minutes.

Smoke Criteria
The most dangerous factor of a fire for people are not the flames or heat, but the generated smoke and toxic gases. Especially in the initial phase of a fire these are the most common cause of injury and even death. To prevent the spread of these toxic gasses and smoke in a building, Firescreen® Smoke are a good solution, even for large open spaces. The possibilities are endless.