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Fire Shutters


E Flame containment/structural integritycheck
W Heat radiationcheck(Max. 15 Kw/m2)
I Thermal Insulation
Fire class
EN 1634-1check EW
Fire resistance 60 minutes
90 / 120 minutes (on request)
Lath0.8 mm steel
Side GuidesSteel
Bottom Rail Steel U-profile

General information

General specifications of Fire Shutters
The primary objective of a Fire Shutter is to protect people and property by containing the fire and prevent it from spreading. Firelock® fire shutters achieve this through a connection to the central fire alarm system, so it will close and form a physical barrier on receipt of an alarm signal. Our Fire Shutters are also suitable for the daily (burglar-resistant) closing of wall and façade openings in your building with a burglary resistance class up to RC4.

In order to allow the Fire Shutters to blend seamlessly into your building design, they are optionally available in any RAL color.