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E Flame containmentcheckcheckcheck
W Heat radiationcheck(Max. 15 Kw/m2)check(Max. 1 kW/m2)
I Thermal insulationcheck
Fire class
EN 1634-1check Echeck EWcheck EI
EN 13501-1check check B / s1 / d0check B / s1 / d0
Fire resistance
Minutes of fire resistance 120 minutes 120 minutes 120 minutes
Single curtaincheck
Double curtaincheckcheck
In the clear opening checkcheck
On the clear openingcheckcheckcheck

E: Flame containment
No flames may pass through the construction for a certain period of time to maintain structural integrity.

W: Heat radiation limitation
The heat radiation on the non-fire side may not be above 15 kW/m2 measured at a distance of 1 meter for a certain period of time. In case of fire, the heat radiation criterion is very important since flammable materials can spontaneously ignite even at low radiation levels. Heat radiation can thus cause fire in other compartments and/or buildings through windows and other façade openings.

I: Thermal insulation of the temperature
The temperature measured on the on the non-fire side surface of the structure must not exceed an average temperature increase of 140 degrees Celsius over a certain period of time. Products that meet the Thermal insulation criteria can be used to create safe escape routes in buildings.

Fire class

EN 1634-1 / Fire resistance
This European standard describes a method for determining the fire resistance of doors, shutter’s and windows built into openings and vertical separating elements. The fire resistance is classified according to the E,W and I criteria in combination with a maximum amount of time the product meets these criteria.

EN 13501-1 / Fire reaction
A classification according to EN 13501-01 consists of a main classification (A1 to F) with a sub-classification for smoke production (s1 to s3) and a sub classification for burning drops or parts (d0 to d2) and determines the reaction to fire of the product itself.

Euro-Fire class
A1 means that the construction is non-flammable in practice with a B classification, there is a very flammable construction which has a very limited contribution to the fire.

Smoke production
Smoke is the most dangerous factor for people in a fire. With a sub-classification for smoke production, the extent to which a construction produces smoke itself. An s1 classification means that in the event of fire the construction will have a low smoke production.

Burning drops and parts
Burning drops and parts can pose a direct threat to people and create new fire spots. With a d0 classification there is no production of burning parts in the construction.

General specifications of our Fire Curtains

Firescreen® Fire Curtains are a roll-up fire-resistant curtain made of high quality fire-resistant fabric capable of withstanding temperatures over 1000 °C without losing its structural strength. And keeping heat transfer from one fire compartment to the next to a minimum. This results in direct fire with no fire penetration or fire transfer is possible to other fire compartments and keeping people and property safe in case of a fire. Because Firescreen® fire curtains are very compact and the installation space needed is very small, Firescreen® fire curtains can insure compartmentalization without design implications to the building.

In the event of a fire, the Firescreen® fire-resistant curtains provides a compartmentation in your building, so that the fire cannot spread any further and is kept inside the predetermined compartment.

Protecting people
Through direct fire compartmentalization Firescreen® fire curtains will create evacuation routes for the people so they can safely leave the building.

Limit damage to buildings and property
Through fire compartmentalization Firescreen® fire curtians create attack routes for the fire department. They can extinguish the building more quickly while the fire is isolated in one place/compartment in the building.

Preventing an interruption of business activities.
By means of fire compartmentalization the building does not completely burn down. Hereby you avoid the interruption of business activities after the event of a fire.

Affordable alternative
A sprinkler system is often no longer necessary. The Firescreen® fire-resistant curtains thus offer you an affordable alternative to conventional systems, including fire-resistant walls, fire-resistant roller shutters and traditional fire doors.

Aesthetic solution
The light weight, compact dimensions and the possibility of executing head boxes and side guides in any desired color make the Firescreen® an aesthetically pleasing alternative.