24 January 2020

Yes, they are safe

15 August 2019
EI30 RF30 brandgordijn

Integral bicycle parking high fire risk

15 July 2019
Rookwerende hoekoplossing half dicht

Corner solution for smoke curtains

Smoke spreads quicker than fire. Spreading of smoke in a building can be countered by dividing the building into so-called smoke compartments
7 May 2019

Firescreen fire curtains for monuments

Fire compartmentalisation with Firescreen fire-resistant roller screens offers a solution.
23 April 2019

135 years of Hoefnagels

We have something to celebrate: our 135th birthday!
1 February 2019
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Firescreen® smoke resistant corner solution

The economic corner solution according with EN12101-1 to guarantee smoke resistance in shopping malls, galeries and buildings.
31 May 2018

Fire screens for first online-offline store zara in london!

Zara opened a unique store concept in London on 18 May, with the online store integrated into the physical store.
13 March 2018

Firescreen® for swedish apartment complex in malmo

Recently, Swedish partner SDT Design Trading has installed 4 Firescreen® F72 / EW60 Classification fire screen.
5 March 2018

Restaurant Mirabel Sørenga in Oslo fireproof!

Multiple Firescreen® Radiation EW classification fire curtains have been properly installed at Restaurant Mirabel Sørenga.
1 March 2018

Complete Firescreen®-package for architects available now!

Complete Firescreen®-package.