The history of Firescreen®

Firescreen® is a brand name owned by the family company Hoefnagels Branddeuren bv, based in Tilburg, the Netherlands. The history of Hoefnagels Branddeuren dates back more than 135 years.

It all started in 1884, when the firm Janssen-Wayers started making wooden roller shutters and awnings. The switch from a roller shutter factory into a fire door specialist was initiated following the first successful test by TNO of a fire resistant shutter in 1985. Since that time, Hoefnagels Branddeuren bv has specialised mainly in this sector. As a result, it is now a leading specialist in fire-resistant partition walls and compartmentalisation in the Netherlands, offering an extensive and growing range of product and services.

In 2003, Hoefnagels achieved a first in the Dutch market when it launched a fire-resistant roll-down curtain made from fireproof, high quality fabric; the Firescreen®®.


Firescreen®, the international network

In 2011, Hoefnagels Branddeuren bv started exporting Firescreen® fire-resistant curtains. Firescreen® is now an established brand. The international expansion generated a lot of interest and, as a result, it is now supported by a rapidly growing network of partners.

More than 20 of Europe’s leading companies/partners specialising in fire prevention and compartmentalisation now work together within the Firescreen® network to jointly promote fire safety in 17 countries.

By working together in the field of fire safety, Firescreen® can provide a solution to almost any situation relating to passive fire safety. We are able to offer centralised solutions throughout Europe by acting as a central point of contact, supported by the local knowledge and expertise of our partners in the field.

Our vision for the future

Gijs and Rolf Hoefnagels, the fourth generation in this family firm, are now at the helm of the company as it continues to grow in terms of product knowledge and project execution. This also demands knowledge and expertise in the field of legislation and regulations, always led by a single concern: fire safety.

That’s why development and innovation are important principles for Hoefnagels Branddeuren and Firescreen®. We closely monitor market developments, listen to our customers and translate what we hear into new products and customised solutions.

This strategy has led us to develop our own control technology, as well as the first fire-resistant roller screen in the Netherlands. Our in-house R&D department is continuously optimising products and developing new solutions. We have our own test furnace, so we can expose new products to extreme conditions in controlled circumstances. Certified laboratories, such as Efectis and Peutz, assess our products and provide them with the required certification. This means that you can relax, reassured that all our products meet the most stringent requirements and will remain intact when lives depend on them.

The quality, solidity and continuity of the company is also reflected in the title “Purveyor of the Royal Household”, a royal honour in the Netherlands awarded in 2009.